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Canadian man, 28, found dead in Thailand hotel



Hundreds of supporters line up as Dennis Oland faces sentencing for murder



Premier's aide broke rule in giving health details of cabinet minister: report


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Captain Sinclair says Canadian soccer team not thinking about Zika virus

HOUSTON - Captain Christine Sinclair says the Canadian soccer team is thinking of other things than the Zika virus as it bids to qualify for the Rio Olympics.



Winnipeg researchers use virtual reality to help diagnose Alzheimer's disease

WINNIPEG - A team of Manitoba researchers hopes that using virtual reality can making a real difference in diagnosing Alzheimer's disease.


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  • What You Need To Know for Thursday, February 11

    One dead, two injured in Almonte

    An adult male is dead, and two other people are in hospital with life-threatening injuries, following what police call a 'firearms incident' in Almonte. Police were called to a home on Strathburn Street shortly before 7:30 this morning. They found the man dead, and another man and a woman with serious injuries. Police say they're not searching for a suspect, and there is no danger to the public.

    UN head in town

    Students at the Glebe Collegiate Institute will get a visit from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the head of the United Nations this afternoon. As part of a student assembly, they will discuss the importance of building diverse societies to promote peace and broad economic growth. Ban Ki-moon is visiting the capital to discuss climate change, Syrian refugees and peacekeeping. The visit reflects Trudeau's efforts to rekindle Canada's relationship with the world body.

    Catch a wave

    U.S. physicists say they've detected gravitational waves for the very first time, marking a discovery that proves one of Albert Einstein's last unverified theories about the universe. Einstein theorized that gravitational waves are tiny ripples in the fabric of space-time created by all objects moving through time and space. Researchers from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory revealed today that they've detected some of these ripples, created by the collision of two gigantic black holes. The discovery is expected to open up a whole new avenue for physicists to examine the nature and history of the universe.

    Closing arguments

    The Crown prosecutor at Jian Ghomeshi's sexual assault trial says the credibility of his three accusers has nothing to do with the way they behaved after the alleged incidents. Michael Callaghan says the law is clear that everyone responds differently to sexual assault and the way complainants behave after alleged assaults should not be used to assess their credibility. In his closing arguments, Callaghan says that each of the complainants reacted to the alleged sexual assaults in their own unique ways based on their individual personalities and life experiences.


    Dion Phaneuf plays his first home game as an Ottawa Senator tonight as the team hosts Colorado. Puck drops at 7:30 on TSN 1200. The Sens fell 3-1 in Detroit last night. Phaneuf had two hits and was minus-1. Read More