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at 14:24 on May 26, 2016, EDT.

Bubblin' crude: A look at what is driving the recent rise in oil prices

CALGARY - Benchmark oil prices averaged below US$35 per barrel in the first three months of this year, but since then they've strengthened to the point where they were trading above US$50 on Thursday. What's driving the rally in West Texas Intermediate and other types of crude? Put simply, it's supply and demand.


at 13:58 on May 26, 2016, EDT.

Norway subjects viewers to 2-day stream of app terms of use

HELSINKI - A Norwegian consumers' group took inspiration from "slow television" to produce a marathon webcast of a team of readers going through the fine print of terms and conditions of downloadable apps.


at 13:13 on May 26, 2016, EDT.

Liberals beef up shipbuilding strategy staff to address 'growing pains'

OTTAWA - Public Services and Procurement Minister Judy Foote says she plans to double the amount of staff working on the national shipbuilding strategy to address "growing pains" in the multibillion-dollar project.


at 13:03 on May 26, 2016, EDT.

Applications for US unemployment benefits fell last week

WASHINGTON - Fewer people sought unemployment aid last week for the second week in a row, the latest evidence that hiring is likely solid.


at 13:02 on May 26, 2016, EDT.

US durable goods orders up, but business investment slips

WASHINGTON - Orders to U.S. factories for long-lasting manufactured goods rose in April by the most since January. But much of the strength came from a surge in the volatile category of commercial aircraft. A key category that tracks business investment fell for a third straight month, a sign that manufacturing remains under stress.


at 12:59 on May 26, 2016, EDT.

Pending US home sales hit highest level since February '06

WASHINGTON - Americans signed more contracts to buy homes in April for the third straight month, driving pending home sales to the highest level in more than a decade.


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