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at 13:05 on May 24, 2015, EDT.

Japan-Canada trade talks stalled with no meetings in sight

OTTAWA - Trade talks have stalled between Canada and Japan โ€” one of the Harper government's priority countries for a breakthrough โ€” because the Asian country has lost interest, The Canadian Press has learned.


at 11:46 on May 24, 2015, EDT.

Nigeria's leading cellphone provider urgently needs diesel to prevent countrywide shut-down

LAGOS, Nigeria - Nigeria's leading cellphone provider said Sunday it urgently needs diesel to prevent shutting down services countrywide โ€” the latest business hit by a months-long fuel crisis in Africa's biggest oil producer.


at 10:00 on May 24, 2015, EDT.

Driverless trucks hauling cargo to Mexico? Group hopes to make it reality

REGINA - Trucks hauling cargo from Canada through the United States to Mexico and back navigate border crossings without the need for passports, visas or even a driver to steer them.


at 10:00 on May 24, 2015, EDT.

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week

TORONTO - Here are five things to look for in Canadian business this week:


at 04:21 on May 24, 2015, EDT.

Hawaii groups plant coconut trees and engage tourists in protests against Monsanto

HONOLULU, Hawaii - Demonstrators planted coconut trees and waved signs in rallies across the Hawaiian Islands as part of an international day of protests against agriculture business Monsanto.


at 14:55 on May 23, 2015, EDT.

BlackBerry issues unspecified number of layoff notices across global operations

TORONTO - BlackBerry says it's laying off an unspecified number of employees across its global operations as it makes changes to the operations responsible for making its smartphones.


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