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at 22:09 on February 09, 2016, EST.

With costumes, beads, music, New Orleans marks Fat Tuesday

NEW ORLEANS - Dressed in elaborate costumes, dancing to the beat of brass bands and clamouring for beads from passing floats, thousands of people gathered in the streets of New Orleans to mark the culmination of the famous Mardi Gras celebration Tuesday.


at 21:42 on February 09, 2016, EST.

Sikh man blocked by Mexican airline satisfied with apology

MEXICO CITY - An Indian-American actor and designer who wasn't allowed to board a Mexico City-to-New York flight after refusing to remove his turban said Tuesday that he is satisfied with an apology from the airline.


at 19:57 on February 09, 2016, EST.

Sports costs at ESPN weigh down Disney's Force-ful quarter

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - ESPN, the sports network that drives Disney's profit engine, has hit a soft patch. Subscribers have fallen by about 7.2 million over the last three years, according to Nielsen, and it's coming off a round of layoffs in the latest quarter. As more people cut the cord to watch programming online, its perch on top of the pay TV empire is looking unsteady at best.


at 13:23 on February 09, 2016, EST.

Paltrow describes years of messages from stalking suspect

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Letters addressed to Gwyneth Paltrow came for years, often with unsolicited items ranging from pornography and sex toys to religious books, earrings and clothes.


at 18:30 on February 09, 2016, EST.

Ex-bodyguard testifies about lewd messages sent to Paltrow

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - A jury hearing a case against an Ohio man charged with stalking Gwyneth Paltrow is hearing about pornographic messages he sent the actress in 1999.


at 18:27 on February 09, 2016, EST.

Stage version of 'Frozen' to be directed by Broadway veteran

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Disney has tapped one of Broadway's freshest talents to direct one of its most anticipated musicals, "Frozen."


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