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at 10:08 on July 10, 2014, EDT.

Winnipeg hospital admits error when family learns too late about loved one

The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg hospital has issued an apology for failing to contact a family about a relative who suffered what would turn out to be a fatal head injury.

Edward Henrickson, who was 77, was coherent when he was initially taken to Seven Oaks Hospital last Sunday following a tumble from a bike when it struck a water-filled pothole.

Henrickson was then transferred to the Health Sciences Centre but he died soon after.

His family says Seven Oaks did not contact them and they only managed to catch up to Henrickson at the other hospital after phoning around to find out where he was.

Dr. Ricardo Lobato de Faria, the chief medical officer at Seven Oaks, says their protocol is to contact a patient's family immediately, but in this case they did not follow through.

Henrickson's son, Michael, says his father had been in and out of Seven Oaks for many years and his name was in their system. (CJOB)

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