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at 10:10 on October 02, 2014, EDT.

Supreme Court strikes down B.C. court fees for barring access to justice system

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that British Columbia has the right to charge administrative court fees, but they can't be so high as to prevent litigants from accessing the legal system.


at 10:00 on October 02, 2014, EDT.

Morgan, Great Dane who held record as tallest female dog, dies in Ontario

STRATHROY, Ont. - A four-legged celebrity from southwestern Ontario has died.


at 08:59 on October 02, 2014, EDT.

DND slashed ammo order in 2014, raising questions about prep for Iraq mission

OTTAWA - National Defence slashed its annual order of ammunition this year to save money — a revelation that raised fresh questions Wednesday about just how prepared Canada is to do battle with militants in the Middle East.


at 08:55 on October 02, 2014, EDT.

Private security firm for CBSA made errors before deportation suicide: inquest

BURNABY, B.C. - A series of mistakes was made by the private security firm hired by Canada's border agency to guard a Mexican woman who hanged herself inside holding cells at Vancouver's airport, a coroner's jury has heard.


at 08:54 on October 02, 2014, EDT.

3 Afghan soldiers who fled for Canada fear torture, death if they return home

BATAVIA, N.Y. - Three Afghan military officers who sought refuge in Canada after taking off from a military training exercise in Massachusetts said Wednesday they were trying to escape Taliban violence at home but now face the wrath of their own government as well.


at 08:54 on October 02, 2014, EDT.

Conservatives to overhaul veterans' benefits again to placate angry ex-soldiers

OTTAWA - The Harper government plans further changes to its oft-maligned veterans charter, hoping to take the political sting out of complaints by ex-soldiers threatening to campaign against them in the next election.


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