• International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    Keenan Wellar on 580 CFRA with Rick Gibbons discusses International Day of Persons with Disabilities and issues such as employment, attitudes, and opportunities as well as a celebration of the life of Rob More who died tragically in the Ottawa bus/train crash of September 18, 2013. Read More
  • Keenan Wellar on LiveWorkPlay, Employment & Disability

    This discussion has a focus on the employment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Ottawa community, but also touches on housing, community life, volunteerism, and other topics and issues. Read More
  • Dr. Judy Laws & Keenan Wellar talk United Way Ottawa

    On the occasion of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Dr. Judy Laws, Senior Consultant with Graybridge Malkam and a member of EARN (Employment Accessibility Resource Network) was joined by Keenan Wellar, Co-Leader at and a United Way Ottawa Focus Area Champion. They sat down with Madeley in the Morning guest host Mark Sutcliffe to talk about progress towards labour market participation for people with disabilities and the 27% employment deficit as compared to workers without disabilities.

    Read More