Rash of south end robberies may be over

It seems the rash of personal robberies in the city's south end has fizzled out.

Back in November police held a community safety meeting at the Greenboro Community Centre after 11 personal robberies. They also stepped up police presence at the time.

According to police, there hasn't been a reported personal robbery in the south end for weeks.

Staff Sgt. Mike Haarbosch, the head of the Ottawa Police Robbery Unit, told CFRA that could be because of a number of reasons.

"Whether that's attributed to the increased police presence or they've otherwise been potentially arrested for something else that wasn't related neccessarily to a robbery, that's also another possibility as well that we consider," said Haarbosch. "Some of those investigations are still ongoing, others have been closed because we've simply run out of investigative leads."

He said it is possible that the thieves backed off because the community was keeping an eye out for suspicious activity following media reports on the subject.

Haarbosch said they haven't received any tips lately in those cases, but that could be because people's attention has turned elsewhere and police haven't released any new information.

Across the city, robberies are down this year so far.

There have only been 17 reported personal robberies year to date as opposed to 38 during the same time period in 2013. Haarbosch said that could be because fewer robbers and would-be victims ventered outdoors during last month's frigid cold snap.

"From time to time I kid with people at the office here when we're talking about the weather and I sometimes tell them the cold is our friend," he said. "I mean it's not atypical for us to see when it does get that bitterly cold that we see a little bit of a downturn in the street-level robberies."

Haarbosch said he didn't think the cold played a large factor in the drop in robberies in the city's south end.

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