Young people care more about controlling their image than protecting their data online

Canadian young people are more concerned with controlling their image online than they are with protecting their data and personal information.

The study found that parents should be talking to their kids about the permanence of the online world.

Ninety-seven per cent of kids in Grades 4-11 would remove a picture they didn't like; 54 per cent hope a friend would ask permission before posting even a good picture.

MediaSmarts educator Thierry Plante says parents are already the most common source of information about the internet for children.

"So, that's actually very positive. It means that, you know, it suggests at least that there's a conversation happening but it also suggests, we asked them if they got information about privacy policies from their parents and that number was lower," said Plante.

He said that may be, in part, because some adults don't understand them in the first place. Internet literacy must go beyond safety, he said, if people are to protect their information and photographs.

He said parents should try to discuss online rights and responsibilities as a situation comes up with their kids because that's when it will have the biggest impact.

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