Pooling rain causes woes for commuters, city

The pooling rain is proving to be too much for city crews.

They haven't been able to clear all of the city's catch basins to prevent flooding on the streets.

"There are just too many catch basins," said Kevin Wylie, the city's manager of roads and traffic operations. "We've got over 80,000 catch basins in the city, so we know all the hot spots. We know where we usually get problems and we deal with with all our main streets, our arterial streets, our bus runs first, but there's just too much to take care of all at once."

Wylie said it's important to clear the streets before the temperature dips below zero again.

"It's because as soon as that happens, then you've got icy conditions and then we're into a different issue, you know a safety issue with vehicles and pedestrians," said Wylie. "We're trying to get all that water cleaned up as soon as we can."

"The temperature looks like it's going to dip down below freezing Saturday night and Sunday night and then next week even in the day it'll be below freezing, so the race is on and we're trying to take care of it all this weekend," added Wylie.

Wylie said crews would be on the streets Friday night and Saturday in order to clear catch basins.

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  1. Donald from W Carl posted on 02/22/2014 03:18 AM
    It seems obvious to me that if the city had done it's job properly and kept the streets well ploughed in the first place...we would not have had this problem. Stop looking for excuses to justify your failures. We know where the real failure is!
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