Residents fume over Lansdowne deal that prohibits changes to certain side street parking rules

The deal with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group to redevelop Lansdowne Park forbids the city from changing certain parking rules on surrounding side streets in the Glebe.

Brian Mitchell, a member of the Glebe Community Association, urged councillors at Wednesday's transportation committee meeting to adopt a guest permit parking system for residents within two to three blocks of the site.

"It's specifically designed for high demand venues, like sporting event venues, that allows guests or contractors of residents to park for up to three hours, even if its posted (on the sign) for one hour or 30 minutes," he said, noting that system is in place in other high traffic areas of the city, including near the Ottawa Hospital's Civic Campus.

Capital ward Councillor David Chernushenko said this is the first he is aware of these specific prohibitions in the legal agreement, which call for a certain amount of parking spaces to be maintained, both at the facility and in the general neighbourhood.

"Nobody is asking to ban anyone going to Lansdowne from parking on neighbourhood streets. (Residents) are just saying can you please allow us, and the occasional guest, to be able to find parking here and not allocate it all to the activities at Lansdowne?"

City officials say they will keep tabs on the parking issues, as part of the Lansdowne Transportation Monitoring Operations Committee (LTMOC). It's comprised of several councillors, city staff and representatives of the Glebe Community Association and other local groups.

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