Breezy goes home

The sad tale of a dog, who was beaten with a shovel and left for dead, has a happy ending.

Breezy, the lab-shepherd cross beaten, has been adopted by John and Sheila, a couple from Gatineau who have experience with rescue dogs.

"We've had rescue dogs over the years and just as a matter of course, in my prayers I remember those dogs. When her case came up, I sort of added her as a special one on the list," said John, who said he prayed for Breezy's recovery.

"They're wonderful creatures and we've had a great experience for 20 plus years with dogs in circumstances not quite as dramatic as hers, but where there was a need," John added. "They give a lot more than they get."

Sheila said they couldn't be happier to welcome Breezy to their family.

"We're actually getting the reward, at the end of all of this, along with her," said Sheila. "We feel as if we're the ones blessed to get her at this stage and we just want to make sure that she gets the best possible opportunity now to, in fact, give back to all the people who've done so much for her."

Breezy has a clean bill of health with the exception of one of her eyes. It was blinded during the attack and the Humane Society will continue to cover costs associated with it.

Sheila said once Breezy settles in, they plan to share updates on how she's doing with the people who have shown so much care and love for her.

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