Ikea apologizes to Ottawa mother allegedly called "disgusting" for breastfeeding

IKEA has apologized to an Ottawa-area mother who says she was treated rudely while breastfeeding her baby in the store on Monday.

In an interview with CTV Ottawa, Brea Rehder said she was standing in a check-out line when the employee spoke to her.

"She asked me what my issue was and by then I'd started nursing Sloan because she was getting fussy...I asked her my question about the price and she said 'when you're done being disgusting we can discuss this further, in the meantime, go to the bathroom because you're holding up the line'"

Rehder said she and her friend were shocked but she quickly got angry when she realized her 2-year-old son, Evan, who also breastfeeds, heard the comments. She says he didn't want to nurse that night saying it was "yucky."

"They can give me an entire house make-over but it's not going to make up for the damage done to Evan's emotional well-being."

Ikea says it's trying to track down which employee it was. The store's manager, Isabelle Auclair said that's unacceptable behaviour and that "breastfeeding moms are welcome in the store anytime."

While Redher says she doesn't hold one employee's actions against the store, she is considering filing a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission to send a clear message to other companies.

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