Jason Spezza replaces stolen autographs

A little kindness and a show of leadership can go a long way.

That's something proved by Ottawa Senators Captain Jason Spezza on Thursday.

When Spezza learned that a prized photograph of himself and Erik Karlsson had been stolen from a sick 21-year-old Sens fan, he made it his mission to make things right.

Justin Greer suffers from spina bifida and has been hospitalized for months as he recovers from back surgery.

He recently transferred to Saint Vincent Hospital. His mother's car was parked nearby, when it was broken into Tuesday. Greer's framed print, which was autographed by both players was stolen.

That's when Spezza stepped in. Not only did he replace both autographs, but he got the entire team to sign a jersey, which he sent to Greer, along with a video message and a hand-written note signed "your friend, Jason Spezza."

Seated in his wheelchair in his hospital room, Greer opened the box, just moments after finding out his prized picture had been stolen.

"Thanks Jason, for everything and thanks for the jersey and the pictures and I'm hoping you do well on Saturday," he said. "Thank you."

Greer's mother Jill had been keeping the bad news from her son.

"We actually didn't want to tell Justin, because we didn't want to hinder his recovery here at the hospital," she said. "He hasn't been feeling the greatest lately, emotionally, so we just didn't want to make him feel any worse than he already did."

Greer said the message made him feel better and that he hopes to meet Spezza in person one day.

Police are still looking for the person responsible for stealing the photo. Anyone with information is asked to contact them.

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