Muslim Students' Association says it’s being targeted by Algonquin College

The Muslim Students' Association at Algonquin College says it’s being unfairly targeted by the school.

This comes after the multi-faith centre hours were suddenly cut back from midnight, to 6 p.m. on Tuesday night, leaving Muslim students unable to pray late.

In an interview with CTV Ottawa, Muhammed Tulul said, "It just kind of came out of nowhere, all of a sudden. So, we had two prayers that we couldn't pray at the centre."

Doug Wotherspoon with Algonquin College said they're not targeting anyone, rather, the rules of the centre haven't been followed and that's why the hours were reduced.

"If they leave them (prayer carpets) out then ultimately other faiths that come in after have to come in after and have to make the space convenient for them."

The Muslim Association says it was following the rules but some are not realistic and should be reviewed.

"We do go by the policies of the Spiritual Centre. The fact that these guidelines and regulations are only imposed on the Muslim body is something we take big offence to."

While the centre is meant for those of all faiths, the school's Muslim Students' Association says it is mostly used by its members.

"We haven't stopped anybody from praying or observing their faiths. We are saying that, in this case, if you don't abide by the rules in a multi-faith space there are consequences to that. If you do, there aren't."

After meeting with students, the school says going forward it will be open until 10p.m. The two sides are meeting again Thursday.

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