Leighton's parents fear coroner's inquest won't answer all of their questions

There have been nearly four days of testimony at the inquest into the death of 18-year-old Eric Leighton who was killed in a high school shop class explosion in May of 2011.

Leighton's parents now say they are concerned not everything is being answered in the inquest.

At the outset of the inquest Pat Leighton said there was a lot they didn't know.

"A lot on project details, how the project came about, how it led to where it did and we're just trying to get to the bottom of everything," he said.

But only some of their questions were answered during the first three days of testimony. Some by teacher Scott Day, others by the ER doctor and pathologist.

After hours of testimony Leighton said he's afraid they'll never know everything.

"Adam (Soliman)'s story and Mr. Day's story were so far apart from each other. I believe the boys knew what they were doing and there must have been stuff that was going on in the classroom that we didn't know about, we'll never know," he said.

What the Leightons want to know now is why it took an inquest for them to get these answers.

"We've been left in the dark," said Sheri Leighton. "This is the whole purpose of this inquest," she added, referring to learning new information about her son's death.

She said she wants to know both why it took so long for the inquest to begin and why much of the information was kept from her until the start of the inquest.

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