TSB says investigation was slowed by incorrect reports about Bus-Train crash

The lead investigator into September's OC Transpo and VIA Rail crash says they will have a full report on the crash by the end of 2014.

Rob Johnston told CFRA News they have confirmed the bus's brakes weren't at fault.

"We've excluded that part. We're still compiling our engineering branch report. We work with, our experts are doing that at the lab. I don't write that portion of the report but our experts are doing that part of it in teams and groups and we put all of that information together. When we, if we notice something immediately we will tell people immediately," said Johnston.

He said until the official report is out they're asking people not to jump to conclusions, adding if there's a serious safety concern they'll issue a safety order immediately.

He said there has been a downside to the continued speculations about the brakes.

"What it does is it builds up some sort of angst amongst the people that were involved in the accident and, quite frankly, and it ends up with me occupying the rest of my time, when I should be working on the file, I'm out trying to put out fires for things that we've already said in our mind that we've evaluated and are not an issue," said Johnston.

He said word the report could take two and a half years are false and said he expects the report to be complete by the end of this calendar year.

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