Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne warns of legal action against provincial Conservatives over accusations related to gas plants controversy

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has issued an open letter to Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak, in which she warns she will take legal action if "false, misleading and defamatory" allegations about her are not corrected.

Wynne refers to comments made by Hudak at a news conference on March 27, 2014, with reference to the destruction of documents relating to the cancelled gas plants. She says these false allegations have been repeated on the PC Party website and in a public mailing.

The premier says there can be no tolerance for false and defamatory accusations used as a means to gain political power.

The allegations must be immediately removed from the PC website and other party communications and not repeated. The Premier says she has obtained legal advice and will have no choice but to take all necessary steps if the Conservatives don't agree to her request for a correction to the record.

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  1. Donald from W Carl posted on 03/31/2014 02:28 AM
    I would like to see Tim Hudak "call her bluff" and see what she does. It would be nice to see her squirm and back off her phoney threat.
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