School boards debate changing start times to save money

There's an ongoing debate in the capital on whether to change the start time of the school day and it's expected to continue to rage for the next few months.

A handful of parents attended a public consultation last night to learn more from Ottawa's public and Catholic school boards about their plans to change start times.

It's all part of a bid to save money on school bus transportation.

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority says having buses service several schools per area could save more than 3 million dollars a year.

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  1. EFoy posted on 04/03/2014 10:03 AM
    Later entry times will result in an even later dismissal time for those high school students at Cairine Wilson SS which dismisses now at 3:15pm. If you push it back the proposed 15-30 minutes then that will limit their number of after school job hours even more over other local high schools(St Petes) with a current dismissal time of 2:30pm. This will make the student job opportunity negative gap even larger than it is now. Employers wont hire a student if they cannot work the hours.. definite disadvantage for those later dismissed students, some are working and saving for their own post secondary education. Some students wont notice or complain until to happens to affect them in a hiring process. By then it is too late and the student is the one that looses out.
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