Ontario Cabinet Minister defends upcoming budget

With the threat of a provincial election looming, the minority Liberals are already preparing for battle.

Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal visited Embrun Thursday and said the upcoming budget is good for Ontarians.

"But I'm concerned," he said. "I'm concerned because I hear Mr. Hudak. The PC's have taken their sharp right turn and seek to achieve fiscal balance through the cutting of important services like health care and education."

"My friends, we want to avoid the desert of austerity," he added. "They've also vowed to fight subways in Toronto ahead of rural infrastructure projects and the third party, the NDP, they're spending more time on developing sound bites, than telling Ontarians where they stand."

He said while the other parties are busy deliberating whether to topple the government, he will be busy fighting for and delivering results for rural Ontarians.

The budget is scheduled to be unveiled May 1st.

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