Peta protests seal hunt with giant toilet

Carleton Journalism Intern, Hilary Thomson

Animal rights activists camped out across from Parliament Hill on Wednesday afternoon, alongside a giant blow-up toilet.

The toilet was part of a Peta demonstration calling on the federal government to stop funnelling taxpayer dollars into the seal hunt.

Campaigner for Peta, Emily Lavender, says the hunt is not only cruel but fiscally irresponsible.

“It only brings in a million dollars whereas we’re spending 7 million so it economically makes no sense whatsoever. It’s less than 1 percent of the province’s economy in Newfoundland and even if it were more there’s no excuse for what happens on the east coast,” Lavender told CFRA.

Lavender also said that the seal hunt makes no sense because the demand for seal products is dwindling. The EU placed an import ban on seal products 4 years ago and China also says it doesn’t want seal meat from Canada.

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