Christopher Gobin's father says he'll support his son even as he grieves his wife's death

Facing first-degree murder charges in the death of his mother, 18-year-old Christopher Gobin has been going through the court process alone, that is, until Wednesday.

Gobin's father, Jacques Gobin, attended the brief, scheduled video appearance, saying afterward he's decided to support his son.

"I'm very much still grieving. I am still a father of two children, though, I recognize that and I'm here to support my son. I'm with a family friend and my mother is here as well," he said.

He said he hasn't seen his son since before the day his wife was killed.

"I was taken away from the scene by our excellent Ottawa Police Service after I had called 911 and they had responded to my call. Christopher, I did not see him in the house and again I was taken away from the scene. We did not know where he was and shortly after the police did arrest him," said Jacques Gobin.

He said he, his mother and his daughter will visit Christopher in jail on Friday to tell him they love him and they will continue to support him.

Jacques Gobin's wife, Luce Lavertu, was found dead two weeks ago at their St. Bruno Street Home. The 49-year-old was laid to rest last week at a private ceremony.

"She was always an artist. I'm an engineer by training and by experience so she, we complemented each other very well. Her on the creative side and I on the analytical side so, we were, I thought we were a strong couple, a really good match," he said.

He did not want to talk about what his son Christopher is like but said again he loved his son and said his mother loved him very much.

Christopher Gobin is due back before a judge May 15.

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