Harper: Ukraine is not an aberration

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says they can't just turn a blind eye on the unrest in Ukraine.

In an exclusive interview, Harper tells CFRA's Steve Madely this is part of a trend that has been growing over the last decade in Vladimir Putin's Russia.

"Ukraine is not an aberration," said Harper. "I wish I could say it was. I think it's quite the opposite. I think this is part of a trend that has been happening in [Vladimir] Putin's Russia for the past almost decade. Certainly the last few years where it has been moving gradually away from norms of democracy and human rights and responsible membership in the international community towards militarism, ethnic nationalism, dictatorship.

"I think what you're seeing in Eastern Europe is very much part of a trend that has obviously now gone to a different level and I think threatens under the presidency of Mr. Putin to continue and to grow," he added.

Harper said they have to take this into account as they decide whether to station troops in Eastern Europe.

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