Father and son adjust to "new normal" while son awaits trial, charged with his mother's murder

Christopher Gobin will be back before a judge by video on May 21, facing first degree murder charges in the death of his mother Luce Lavertu.

Since his last court appearance the 18-year-old's father has visited him in jail twice.

Jacques Gobin said he could tell on his first visit with Christopher since his wife was killed on April 22 that his son is suffering.

"He did break down a little. Otherwise I think he's, we're all, including him, in a bit of a state of shock," he said, speaking with reporters after his son's brief video appearance Wednesday afternoon.

But guards at the detention centre showed Christopher news articles showing his father's vow to support him and Jacques Gobin said that helped ease the impossible situation.

"It had reassured him. That's how he had expressed it to me, saying that the article had reassured him. I did tell him Friday, and I told him this morning, that I do love him," he said.

He said speaking to his son through glass will be the new normal as they await the 18-year-old's first degree murder trial.

Jacques Gobin said he plans to visit as often as he can.

He also said he wanted to thank the community for their support. Gobin said he received a letter from the Royal Ottawa naming the dozens of people who donated to their foundation in memory of his wife Luce Lavertu.

Gobin didn't speak about his son Christopher's mental health before his mother's death and has said in the past he would allow that information to come out through the court process.

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