Wrong Jack Purcell honoured at Centretown park

The wrong Jack Purcell has been honoured by the City in the revitalization of the Centretown park that bears his name.

Five badminton rackets, costing $4,595 a piece, were erected to pay homage to a Canadian badminton champ. But that Jack Purcell is from Guelph.

Ottawa's Jack Purcell was a community member who fixed children's hockey sticks and mentored younger children.

"The landscape architect for the park Googled Jack Purcell and came up with the Jack Purcell from Guelph, rather than going to the City archives and finding out who our Jack Purcell is," said Councillor Diane Holmes.

She said the mistake was discovered after the planning stage but before the construction stage.

"It was only when I became involved that I knew it was the wrong Jack Purcell beacuse the City didn't have the history of the park. But I had known from many years ago talking to people who were his friends that that's what he did in the neighbourhood and that's why the park and the community centre were named after him," said Holmes.

Holmes said this mistake shows just how out-of-touch the city's planning and rec departments are with local history.

The strings from the rackets were removed from the design and they're now being described as "futuristic trees."

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