OC Transpo boss: Red-light running bus video "doesn't add up"

The city's transit manager insists some things on a video that seemingly shows OC Transpo drivers running red lights in the downtown core don't add up.

"I can't definitively say if they are (running a red light) or not. The people at that intersection aren't reacting the way someone would react if there was a vehicle a red light," he told reporters following Wednesday's transit commission meeting.

He wants to talk to the anonymous YouTube user who posted the video, but isn't taking further action.

"Can you give me some dates and times, some additional information? Do you have bus numbers so I can follow up with the operators? We tried to ascertain whether we could see the bus numbers or license plates, we can't from the video we got," he said.

"I don't deal with anonymous things. I want facts and information. It's a serious allegation that needs to be looked at and we do active monitoring. We actually went out and monitored the next day to see if there was anything that was as blatant as what this video was portraying and that was not the case."

He added there is no specific supervision of the downtown streets where the red light running is alleged to have occurred; only system-wide monitoring.

John Manconi told reporters on Wednesday that he's reached out in the hopes of speaking to the anonymous YouTube user who posted it online.


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