Superheroes swoop into city council chambers

Mayor Jim Watson with some of CHEO's super heroes
Stephanie Kinsella

Batman and Captain America paid a visit to Ottawa City Hall today.

Donning a blue and red uniform and a shield, eight-year old Curtis Corrigan was part of the effort to remind people that CHEO is celebrating its 40th anniversary and to get ready for this year's telethon on June 7 and 8.

There was a special presentation with both superheroes and Mayor Jim Watson.

Curtis told CFRA News his nurse, Deedee, is the best, and talked about how he's won over a lot of the staff.

"They like that I'm kind and that I'm funny."

His grandmother Fidelle Davidson says Curtis has hemophilia and the family's appreciation of CHEO started a long time ago. "Well, from about a month old, they've been taking care of Curtis," she explained, adding that Curtis will continue to receive care from CHEO until he's 18.

Curtis's bother, Evan Corrigan, or Batman for the day, said he does his best to help his brother during the time he spends at CHEO.

"Sometimes I give him things he would love to support him or just hold onto his hand."

Alex Munter, president and CEO of the hospital, said staff are impressed with how resilient the patients are.

"These kids see the nurses and doctors and the staff at CHEO as heroes and we actually see the kids as heroes."

He recalled how it took years of campaigning by young moms, doctors and nurses to GET a children's hospital.

"Some people wanted children services in the adult hospitals and it's funny now that CHEO is such a cherished institution in our community to reflect on the fact that it was a big debate."

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