Watson surveys provincial party leaders

Which provincial political party would best cater to the city of Ottawa's needs?

Mayor Jim Watson has released the results of the provincial issues questionnaire he sent to the Ontario Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democrats and Green Party.

The Liberals, the NDP and the Green Party say they would all pledge money to clean up the Ottawa River and to build Stage 2 of the light rail transit expansion.

Watson says Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak answered the questionnaire with a generic statement about the Million Jobs Plan.

"I'm disappointed that I received a form letter from Mr. Hudak that didn't answer any of the questions and, really, could have been sent to any group in the province. It doesn't even mention Ottawa," he told CFRA. "His entire platform on transit deals with the Greater Toronto Area. Newsflash: there's more to Ontario than just Toronto."

Watson adds he's not telling residents who to vote for, but he says hopefully the answers in the survey will make their decision a little easier.

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