Hudak to Watson: 'Ottawa will get its fair share'

PC Leader Tim Hudak has written to Mayor Jim Watson and city council saying he'll "ensure Ottawa receives its fair share."

In a letter Saturday, Hudak says his party would be committed to fixing the 417/174 split, by seeing the road widening project through to completion, and he says a PC government would begin negotiations to upload the 174 within the first 100 days in office.

He also renewed his comments with regard to Phase 2 of Ottawa's LRT, saying with a balanced budget in 2016 the province will have money for key transportation projects like Phase 2. He said a PC government would remain committed to funding Phase 1 of the LRT, which is already underway. Earlier this week Hudak said he would not fund Phase 2 if he became premier, but later clarified that statement saying a balanced budget for the province comes first.

Touching on Ontario's arbitration system, which Hudak calls "broken", he says he would require those who settle contract disputes involving government workers to compare public sector jobs to similar jobs in the private sector.

Hudak briefly mentioned the Ottawa River Action Plan, though not by name, calling it "an environmental investment [the party] endorses", but did not specify what actions a PC government would take.

Early in the election Mayor Watson sent a 5-question letter to each of the party leaders asking what they'd do for Ottawa. The Liberals, the NDP, and the Green party each responded with answers, while the Progressive Conservative party sent a form letter about the Million Jobs Plan. The answers can be read here.

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  1. FlorenceC posted on 06/08/2014 06:45 AM
    Being a true-blue Conservative, I'd like to see Wynne get a minority. That way Mr. Hudak will be told by his party that his days of leading the Ontario PC's are done. That way they can focus on positioning someone who is true to Canadian values - not American Tea Party Fundamentalists. In doing so, they will have the vision, and representation to move forward in governing Ontario. A PC leader with vision, charisma, and trust of the electorate. It will take a couple of years, but the end result would be better for the Ontario PC's and Ontario!
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