Liberals pose with nurses, paramedics to warn of public sector job cuts

As PC leader Tim Hudak was across the city promising to help Ottawa get the cash for phase two of LRT, half a dozen Liberal candidates stood shoulder-to-shoulder with a dozen public sector workers, including paramedics and nurses in front of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Ottawa South candidate John Fraser said these types of people will be out of work if the PCs win the election on Thursday.

"When 100,000 people lose their jobs, another 50 to 100,000 people in the private sector will lose their jobs because it will affect the economy. That money won't be in the economy to spend. So, it's going in the wrong direction."

Hudak has said he will eliminate 100,000 jobs in the public sector over four years, mainly through attrition. Hudak also said on Monday teachers would not be affected.

Fraser blasted Hudak's return to Ottawa just three days after he replied "no, we can't afford it" to a reporter's question about whether his government would fund the next stage of LRT.

"It's the Tim Hudak apology tour . . . Here's the thing, last Friday he was unequivocally no. On Monday, he's unequivocally yes. Last time the Conservatives ran, Mike Harris [said] 'I'm not going to close hospitals.' He closed 28."

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