By-law officers removing anti-Tory signs

By-law officers were once again out on Wednesday removing Working Families Coalition signs that attack the Progressive Conservatives, but the city won't be pursuing fines.

The signs are illegal; only signs belonging to a political party or a specific candidate are permitted on city right-of-ways.

Sue Jones, the city's general manager of emergency and protective services, told CFRA News it comes down to time and money.

"You have to appreciate that we are looking at the most expedient and cost effective way to deal with this issue and this is to remove them...the costs as well as the logistics to conduct investigations on 451 signs removed to date, and that's not only with respect to one group, but it's respect to all individuals who actually may be running for elected office out there or not is quite excessive," she said on Wednesday afternoon.

She explained that the city can't fine a group or organization, but only the person who actually put up an illegal sign.

"We know the problem will actually probably go away as of tomorrow. And certainly from an enforcement perspective, we're looking forward to moving on to other issues that are of a priority for enforcement purposes."

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  1. angus posted on 06/11/2014 02:01 PM
    The working families coalition, yeah right. If it's illegal to post these signs why doesn't Mayor McWatson have the Ottawa Police lay charges against them. Oh yeah he's a liberal. Working families coalition is a farce. They have nothing to do with working families, it's sponsored by the biggest unions in the province.
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