Ottawa Police ready in event of large-scale emergency

Canadian intelligence agencies are tracking the possibility of a terrorist attack from Iran as tensions between Tehran and Ottawa increase.

Ottawa Police say they are as ready as possible to respond to any large-scale emergency.

It's a plan that's in a constant state of change, adapting after emergencies locally, nationally and internationally where police can learn from their partners, but the Ottawa Police emergency response plan is still rehearsed regularly, even as it changes.

"We are always training and exercising and making sure that we are as ready as possible to respond and we also recognize that, you know, there is always room for improvement," said Inspector Mark Ford with the Ottawa Police.

On top of keeping the plan fluid and open to improvements, Ford said one of the most important pieces is coordinating with other services in the national capital region.

"A major incident will quickly and easily overwhelm the resources available to respond by one police service so we need to count on our partners," he said.

Those include the RCMP, OPP, military police, Surete du Quebec and Gatineau Police as well as their ongoing partnership with Ottawa Paramedics and Ottawa Fire.

He said even small scale emergencies require all three services to respond and Ford said it's a small example of the large-scale framework they have in place.

The National Post reports intelligence agencies aren't tracking a specific threat, just the general likelihood of one.

Reporter Stewart Bell told CFRA Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has continued to urge caution where Iran is concerned.

"We haven't seen much change in the Canadian position and so, that sort of tension between Tehran and Ottawa seems to be continuing," he said.

That tension is what is raising the concern for intelligence agencies.

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