Coventry pedestrian bridge officially under construction

The Coventry Road pedestrian and cycling bridge is officially under construction. It will serve as a link between the VIA Rail train station and Vanier.

It will also be heated to keep the pathway and stairs free of ice and frost.

Councillor Steve Clark said the bridge will serve as an important connection for people in his riding for whom transit options are now limited.

"They go over across to the St. Laurent Shopping Centre to catch a bus or go all the way up across the somewhat crowded bridge on the Vanier Parkway to get back in to here to catch a bus so the transit issues for the LRT station and the stadium are significant," said Clark.

This bridge, he said, should alleviate those issues.

Mayor Jim Watson said the new bridge is part of the City's ongoing push to coax drivers into leaving their cars at home by providing better transit and safer cycling options.

"Because, quite frankly, if we're going to be serious about tackling grid-lock, we can't keep expanding the 417. There's no more room. So, we have to get more people to use alternative forms of transportation," he said.

Transit is one form he said the City wants people to consider.

"And when light rail comes into this city and people realize how easy it is to go to the ball diamond or to the conference centre or catch their train by simply getting on light rail in the downtown or the east end or west end and it drops you off literally a five minute walk to the train station I think that will convince people to get out of their car when they can."

Right now with construction underway on what feels like every major thoroughfare in the city staff are constantly suggesting people bus, cycle, walk, and carpool to their destinations.

The completion of this bridge by the end of 2014 will facilitate that.

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