MacLeod: Wynne missed an opportunity to send Ontarians a clear message

Premier Kathleen Wynne missed an important opportunity to send a message to voters about how the new Liberal majority government will tackle the bottom line and the all-important energy file, according to Nepean Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod.

The former Progressive Conservative energy critic had mixed emotions about Tuesday's Liberal cabinet appointments.

She took issue with Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli retaining his file.

"I think that's going to send a signal to people across the province that (Kathleen Wynne) isn't really taking this file very seriously," she said, adding that she anticipates continuing anger from her constituents and others across the province.

MacLeod also questioned splitting the finance file.

"You really have to ask yourself, is Charles Souza so inequipped (sic) to deal with that portfolio that they had to break it into three different individuals," she said.

"Most Ontarians will probably say, you know, 'we know there's difficult times ahead, we heard about it during the election, we need a strong, competent finance minister' and I don't think Kathleen Wynne gave that endorsement to her own finance minister," said MacLeod.

One move she did applaud was keeping increasing Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi's responsibilities by appointing him House Leader as he continues to take on the Community Safety and Correctional Services portfolio.

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  1. EricJ_3294 posted on 06/25/2014 09:14 PM
    Have to agree. Wynne has only rearranged the deck chairs, added some new chairs, and given some of them only a small piece of a chair. We've had feedback from the auditers, and Drummond, and others, why isn't Wynne taking a cue to make real changes like firing some of the old guard who created the problems?
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