That's a monster in there: sex abuse victims speak out against former hockey, baseball coach

A difficult day in court as victims of a former minor hockey and baseball coach read their impact statements during his sentencing hearing.

Back in April, Kelly Jones pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting nine children between the 1970s and 1997.

"The evil that walks the earth deserves a maximum sentence" said the only female victim. She was just 12 years old when she was raped on what she calls the most devastating day of her life.

She's one of a number of victims who were present in the courtroom, telling their stories in wavering voices, tears streaming down their face.

"I hate Kelly Jones and always will'" said another. "He has taken from me everything a person holds sacred."

While there is a publication ban on most of the victim's names, several asked that the ban be lifted so they could speak with reporters.

Christopher Line met Jones in Grade 4. Jones was his scout leader, his baseball, soccer and hockey coach. He said he was afraid to come

"You wouldn't know it now to look at him, but back then he was physically powerful and he was in good shape and well, he had me believing that he'd kill my mother, so I pretty much just kept quiet," he said.

Line said he was shocked to see his abuser sit unmoved in the courtroom.

"The blankness just makes me think that he's not really a person, you know?" he said. "I just find that to be - it's unacceptable that he's even - jail time is not enough. That's a monster in there."

Robin McMillan was the first victim to come forward to police and said he suffered long-term effects of the abuse. He said he often felt ashamed of his body and turned to alcohol and drugs before hitting rock bottom.

This was someone they were supposed to trust.

"That's where the betrayal happens," he said. "We did care about him and believed he cared about us and it really ... messes with your perception of what relationships are and what they're built on. They're not built on lies and they're not built on manipulation or threats."

The victims were between the ages of seven and 15 when they were assaulted, all say Jones' actions changed who they were and left them with long term emotional scars.

The Crown is arguing that Jones should serve 11 to 12 years in jail, while the defence is asking for just 48 saying Jones is at low-risk of re-offending.

The trial judge has revoked Jones' bail. He'll go into custody while awaiting formal sentencing August 18th.

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