Father of suspended Gee-Gee speaks out

The father of one of the players on the suspended University of Ottawa hockey team is speaking out against the university.

His son is among several players suing the university for defamation, after it announced the hockey team would be suspended for the entire 2014-2015 season in light of an internal review that found there was misconduct during a trip to Thunder Bay earlier this year.

Police in that city are in the midst of an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault involving some members of the team.

The players say their good names and reputations have been tarnished because of the alleged actions of a few and the father said the university's decision is affecting his son now and has the potential to affect his future.

"Even though you weren't part of it and he was not — they all know he's not part of it — but yet you're guilty by association and this is very upsetting for myself and my wife," he told CFRA's Lowell Green.

The man alleged the university did not treat the players fairly during their internal review.

"They had no representation," he said. "They were just questioned and drilled, and you know, they had no right to anything. They treated them like they had no rights, like they were guilty for some greater cause."

"This individual did nothing except go to school and play," he said of his son. "Yes, something may have occurred. There's an allegation against three others. He had nothing to do for it. He wasn't there. Not a witness."

Defence lawyer Lawrence Greenspon, who is representing the players, said the university should have waited for Thunder Bay police to finish their investigation before suspending the entire team.

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