Police officer in Wakefield takes his own life, SQ investigates

An MRC des Collines officer in Wakefield took his own life Friday morning.

Surete du Quebec officers are investigating the shooting at the only police station in the town.

Sgt Marc Tessier with the SQ, says a 25-year-old officer took his own life around 9 a.m. inside the station.

There were reports that he'd been dismissed from his job, but Tessier says the officer was still employed and was on-duty.

Officers are releasing little information as the investigation is still in the preliminary stages. The officer has not been identified but the SQ says his name could be released Saturday. They are confirming the officer is from the Outaouais and had only been with the force for one month.

The officer was taken to hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival. An autopsy will be conducted to rule out foul-play.

In a release, the service said, "All the employees of the Public Security Service would like to extend their deepest sympathies to the parents, family, friends and coworkers of the deceased."

This is the first such incident since the inauguration of the service in 1996. Counselling will be available to all officers directly, or indirectly, involved with the incident.

With files from CTV News

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