Many questions need to be answered in green bin audit: councillors

The three-year wait for the City's green bin audit will finally come to an end Wednesday, July 9. The audit delves into how the City entered into a contract with Orgaworld to pay to process 80,000 tonnes of organic waste.

Councillors, and taxpayers, are looking for answers when the audit is made public Wednesday.

Environment Committee Chair Maria McRae has already seen the audit and, while some things may change because of it, she said the rules were already updated back when the audit was ordered.

"We now have a protocol in place that says that contract must look like X, Y, and Z. And if there are material changes to that contract, whether it's the drafting stage or coming up in the future staff must bring that back to council for re-approval," she said.

But Councillor Allan Hubley told CFRA he's not convinced the public is going to accept the facts presented in the audit as the truth and he said it likely won't convince people to support the green bin program.

Still, he said we won a major victory with the arbitrator that said Orgaworld must now take leaf and yard waste as part of its contract to process 80,000 tonnes of organics from the City.

"It is something to be very happy with. It's just now we need the audit to tell us where things went wrong, how do we make it better in the future, as Maria said, what else do we have to do to put into the contract processes that we have to make sure that there's never another example of an Orgaworld contract," he said.

One of the major questions to be answered in the audit is how much council knew and understood of the financial commitment staff were making when staff signed the contract with Orgaworld.

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