Committee recommends doubling speed fines in school zones

The City's Transportation Committee is recommending speed fines to be doubled for people caught zipping through school zones.

The City has been working to make school zones safer and Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley told CFRA it's time to take harsher action against people who do not obey the speed limits in school zones.

"Someone that's going to speed through a school zone? They're going to do that whether there are signs or not," said Hubley. The best deterrent is to hit them in the pocket book."

"Anybody that would speed through that situation - I think everybody in the city would agree - deserves to pay the maximum possible fine," he added.

The provincial Highway Traffic Act must be amended in order to double the fines. If approved by council next week, the city would send a letter to the province requesting the change.

The City had made the request prior to the provincial election in June, but the original bill to amend the act died on the order table when Queen's Park was dissolved.

That means they must ask again.

Hubley said he expected the bill to be reintroduced this summer. He hoped the legislation would be in place in time for the fall.

The current fine for driving more than 10 km/h over the limit in a school zone is around $70.

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