Green bin audit to reveal councillors were misled: Chiarelli

CFRA News staff

The public will get the final word Wednesday on how the City of Ottawa entered a contract with Orgaworld to pay for 80-thousand tonnes of organics to be processed whether the city sent that much waste or not.

Councillor Rick Chiarelli said in a heated Lunch Bunch the long-anticipated green bin audit will likely reveal that staff misled the politicians.

Chiarelli says despite the costs of the contract that's not what motivated the city to move to bi-weekly garbage pick-up.

"No, because I think people would still be using the green bin in an increasing uptake level and people would be demanding more service on green bin and that's what I'm getting when I talk to people," he said.

"We have to respond to that. You're going to have, which one are you going to have picked up every week? Is it going to be green bin or is it going to be residual garbage?" Chiarelli asked, arguing it makes more sense to pick up organics weekly because they generate odor and mess while garbage shouldn't if people divert properly.

The audit will also likely point to areas where new policies need to be adopted in order to prevent future similar contracts being signed without full council knowledge and approval.

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