Councillor: Plastic bags could salvage woeful green bin contract

Some city councillors say allowing plastic bags in green bins is the one big change that could help salvage the dud of a deal with Orgaworld.

"It's a win for the city because there are a ton of residents that will not use that green bin, but if we allow plastic bags, they would put their refuse in that plastic bag and stick it in the bin. Out of sight, out of mind. There's maggots, but they can't see them," said Councillor Scott Moffatt, who also vice-chairs the city's environment committee. "The earliest chance we get to sit down and talk to Orgaworld, come back to committee and look at re-opening that contract, renegotiating it to include plastics is a win for the city."

Despite a rocky start that involved a lengthy arbitration process and now further disagreement over the cost of cancelling the contract, Orgaworld and the city seem willing to possibly renegotiate the contract, which so far has resulted in taxpayers over paying by almost $8 million.

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