Watson says council must shoulder some blame in Green Bin contract

Calling yesterday's green bin audit a wake-up call for elected officials Mayor Jim Watson says councillors not only have to ask questions, they have to ask for the evidence from staff to back up the answers they're given.

Mayor Jim Watson said he believes there is plenty of blame to go around in this particular case but ultimately council does have to be held responsible.

"Because we're very quick as politicians to grab all of the success stories and take credit. I think we have to equally be responsible and take the blame when something goes wrong because the buck does stop with us," he said.

That said, he added there also have to be checks and balances in place.

"To make sure that the professionals that we hire have the competencies and the expertise to do the engineering studies or to do the technical work," he said.

Watson said some of the oversight and policies have already changed but they'll look into adopting the suggestions of the auditor general.

He also confirmed that none of the senior staff members involved with the green bin contract are currently employed by the City.

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