Phoenix Centre launches new website for young parents

The Phoenix Centre for Children and Families is launching a youth focused component to their "Welcome to Parenting" program.

The centre is using a Trillium Grant for the website, an off-shoot of their current website, designed specifically for young moms and young parents.

The centre partnered with 10 agencies that work with young mothers and pregnant teenagers to fulfill the requirements of the grant. One of those agencies is St Mary's Home in Ottawa, which is welcoming the tailored-for-youth website.

Alycaa Westfall was pregnant at 16 and used the facilities at the St Mary’s Centre. She says having a website with everything you need as an expecting young mother is great. She says it's also important because you know the information is accurate.

"If I'm looking something up and I find all these contradicting answers, then I have to wait until the morning to call my doctor or pharmacist and ask about this... (The information) could be right or it could be wrong," said Westfall.

Karon Foster with the Phoenix Centre said this website is tailored just for youth. "Young parents communicate in a different way, they like jazzier colours, they like lots going on...with the help of the 10 agencies, we were able to modify and change the site to appeal more to a young parent population."

This website has videos and budgeting tools geared specifically to young parents.

The Phoenix Centre is currently allowing any agency or government, a certain number of free logins, then they have two choices; get a licencing from the Phoenix Centre, or pay for more logins.

Foster said while they're a not-for-profit agency, they need to recover costs for the website and for someone to run it.

Foster said until they can find a funder, who can fund the program, the pay system will be in place.

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