Woodroffe at West Hunt Club most dangerous intersection of 2013

The intersection of West Hunt Club Road and Woodroffe Avenue is considered the most dangerous intersection of 2013.

The City says there were more collisions at that intersection than any other last year: 45 in total.

That intersection was also first for total number of injuries: 16 out of the 45 collisions. In two of those cases, someone was admitted to hospital for either life-threatening or non-life-threatening injuries.

In second place for most collisions was Merivale Road and West Hunt Club, with 37. Only four of those collisions included injuries, however one of them was fatal.

Hunt Club appears in the top four most dangerous intersections in the city, according to the 2009-2013 Ottawa road safety report, as it intersects with Woodroffe, Merivale, Riverside, and Prince of Wales. It appears two more times on the list, at 7th place, and tied for 9th.

The report also states the highest number of collisions in Ottawa last year took place in the 4:00 p.m. hour, with 1,390 of 15,023. 4:00 a.m. saw the fewest collisions at 81.

Fridays saw more collisions than any other day of the week: 2,696 of 15,023. Sundays saw the fewest at 1,325.

enter image description here (SOURCE: 2009-2013 Ottawa Road Safety Report)

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