Police: it'll take the public's help to make crossing intersections safer

If we want to make dangerous intersections like Woodroffe and West Hunt Club safer, it'll take the public's help.

That's the message from Ottawa Police.

Const. Andrew Jasiak with West Division Traffic told CFRA part of the problem at the city's most dangerous intersections is people aren't paying close enough attention, or are driving while distracted.

In an 80 km/h zone like on West Hunt Club that could spell disaster.

"If you drop your eyes from the road for three seconds, you've traveled two-thirds of a football field and the light was a stale green, has now changed to amber, they look up think it's amber and just turned amber," he explained. "It's about to turn red before they've even entered the intersection. Now they're clearly in a red light situation that's gone green for the other cross traffic and now we have a bad collision."

He said it's up to drivers to remain vigilant and to remember that the same penalties for failing to stop at a red apply for flying through a yellow.

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