Coyote spotted in back yard near NCC trail, says Kanata man

A Kanata man says he was surprised to see a new neighbour in his backyard Thursday evening.

Paul Hardwick says he had a friend over around 6:30 p.m., who said she thought she saw what looked like a stray dog or a wolf in the backyard. When Hardwick looked outside at first he didn't see anything, but about an hour and a half later, he saw what he thinks was a coyote.

"He came quite a ways out of the bush, and sat there for about ten minutes, looking around. He laid down at point and seemed quite comfortable," Hardwick tells CFRA.

Hardwick says he lives in a fairly well-populated area of Kanata, just off of Eagleson Road, and he was surprised to see the animal. He says with the TransCanada trail nearby, he wanted to let people know.

"It's a very busy trail, a lot kids, a lot of people walking their dogs," he says. "It's kind of spooky you'd see it in such a populated area."

Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario says coyotes are well adapted to live in both urban and rural settings, preferring green space such as parks, ravines and stream banks if they settle in the city.

MNR says sightings are commonplace, and if you do see a coyote, keep your distance, and it should leave you alone.

Still, Hardwick says he'll be keeping his dog indoors for the next little while.

"We always let our dog out in the backyard, and this is the first time we've seen a coyote. We don't know if it's new to the area, but nevertheless, the dog isn't going outside in the backyard anymore."

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