Highway 174 reopens after crash

The 174 between Cameron and Trim has re-opened after a shutdown that lasted close to 24 hours following a Wednesday crash.

The highway was closed during the morning and afternoon commutes on Thursday. Vehicles coming into Ottawa were gridlocked early in the day with heavy delays on detours during the drive home.

The collision left a 21-year-old woman with serious injuries and a truck on its side in a ditch. The truck was carrying silica salt - harmless to the environment, but very heavy. It took crews hours to remove the salt from the tanker truck and right it.

Even with the road open again, it will take some time before evidence of the collision is completely erased.

Fuel from the tanker also leached through a culvert and into the Ottawa River and Marc Messier with Ottawa Fire told CFRA crews are working to prevent that from spreading.

"We still have some clean up to do with the diesel from the saddle tanks," Messier said. "We're estimating between 100 to maybe 200 litres spilled out of the truck. How much of it made it into the river, we don't know, but we do have some floating booms set up in the river to try to capture as much of it as possible."

In terms of the fuel spill, he said they were lucky.

"Because of the fact that we're in a bay, it's going to be a little bit easier to contain, simply because it's not really moving a lot," he said. "We're hoping that any boaters that come by will slow down so that the wake doesn't carry it off."

Messier said the city will have to monitor the river for days to ensure the fuel spill is completely contained.

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