REDBLACKS, Fury serve up lunch at Shepherds of Good Hope

Members of the Ottawa REDBLACKS and Ottawa Fury FC took some time off the field to learn about and give back to the community.

They traded their jerseys for aprons and served up lunch at Shepherds of Good Hope.

"I think I look better in an apron," REDBLACKS defensive lineman Zack Evans joked.

He along with defensive tackle Moton Hopkins were clearing plates.

"I've been so fortunate and blessed, all of us have all of our lives and so it's a good thing that we can come out and show support, to help out, even if it's just one day of the year, or a couple days out of the year," said Hopkins. "I like to think they appreciate it and it feels good to be able to do something for somebody else, even if it's just saying hello or doing something like that."

In the kitchen, Ottawa Fury FC defender Drew Beckie washed dishes.

"It's great to help out in anyway that's needed and cleaning dishes, just like doing it at home, it's just the same," he said.

Players also had the chance to see more of Shepherds of Good Hope.

"We got a tour of the building across the street, and it's just eye opening what's going on and what they do for the homeless," said centre Jon Gott.

Hopkins said he was shocked to learn more about the need in the community.

"Especially being American," said Hopkins. "I know you guys have great public services, but there's still people in need, people that need medical attention."

Mark Legault lives at Shepherds of Good Hope and said it meant so much to see professional athletes helping out.

"It's pretty amazing, because we watch them on TV in the corner there at night or in the afternoon and to see them actually here is just like, wow! It's a nice treat," he said. "We encourage them on TV and now they're encouraging us. It's pretty cool."

"Always people need help and always people need encouragement, so it's always a good thing, you know, just to bring joy to these people and bring spirit," said REDBLACKS running back Chevon Walker.

A portion of select ticket sales from the REDBLACKS August 15th game and the Fury game on the 17th will go back to the Shepherds of Good Hope, which served some 700,000 meals out of its soup kitchen last year.

For more information on the special tickets, click here.

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