Summer 2014 great for local crops

The cooler, wet summer may not be ideal for us, but it turns out it has been great for the local crops.

"We've had a fantastic year here so far with our strawberries, our June bearing crop," said Larry Shouldice of Shouldice Berry Farm & Market. "Now we're moving into our ever-bearing crop and they look really good."

He told CFRA the cooler weather means their June berries last longer.

"When it comes to strawberries, it slows down the ripening process, so it extends our abilities to harvest," he said. "So we have a bit more time to get rid of them and the corn, the same thing there. It slows down the maturity of it."

In addition to the June crop, Shouldice Berry Farm is also trying out another way to growing strawberries - a method out of California that will allow them to produce fresh berries right into September.

Shouldice said this is a great year considering the drought two years ago and the rain last year.

In 2013, Shouldice suffered around $30,000 in losses when some of his corn crop was damaged by flooding along Cranberry Creek.

"That was field corn that we had planted there and to be able to make that money back on cash crop is - you'd have to have several good years to get that money back" he said. "I don't know if you'll ever get that back. You just write it off and have to move on."

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