OPP anti-sexting app offers teens a way to say no to sending nudes

Sexting has reached the level of epidemic among teenagers and police are urging them to stop, especially when many of their photos end up in the hands of people they weren't intended for.

The OPP have developed a witty app to help teens say no to sending nudes.

Inspector Scott Naylor said "Send This Instead" is a bit outside of the box for the OPP who usually just say, "Don't do it!"

"It's social media at its finest and it's current, it's funny, it uses humour, it's a little bit cheeky, and it's kind of fun to use," he said.

"There's probably between 50 and 60 little digital posters in there with some very humorous and sarcastic little retorts in there," he said, meaning teens have that many ways to say no.

Those include lines like "Right now is no good. How's never?" and a black screen with the caption "Too dark?"

The free app even includes suggestions for when the person who requested the photo responds with, "ha ha funny, seriously send me a pic."

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