Elderly man unharmed after getting in strange car as part of 'grandparent scam'

The family of a 98-year-old man say they were concerned for his safety after the elderly man nearly fell for a grandparent scam.  While the type of scam- which involves a person calling a senior and telling the senior their grandchild is in trouble and needs money- is fairly common, what's not common is that the caller sent a car to pick up the man from his retirement home and take him to the bank.

The bank teller noticed the transaction was suspicious when the driver took Glen Currie to the bank, so she called Glen's son, Stan, whose name is on his father's bank account.  Stan was quickly able to find out that his son wasn't in any sort of trouble, and was able to stop the transaction.

Stan says he spoke to the teller over the phone and he instructed for his father to be taken back to the Redwoods retirement home where he lives.

"We got there before he arrived back.  There was a very brief period of worry when we went in and he hadn't yet been returned," Stan said.

Stan said he spoke with the driver who he felt didn't seem suspicious, and says he's still not sure if the driver was associated with the scammer who called his father.  Glen appeared to have been unharmed when he returned to the retirement home.

He says they've reported the incident to police but they told him they wouldn't be investigating since no money was taken.  Cameron Spence, the executive director of the Redwoods Retirement Home where Glen lives, says no incidents that appear to be related to this one have come up and a warning as been issued to the building's other tenants. 

Spence says that because Glen is an independent resident, the facility doesn't keep track of his comings and goings and wasn't able to stop him from getting into the car before they went to the bank.

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